Starburst Slot Machine

Starburst Slot Machine Screenshot

You are moving forward in the galaxy and suddenly you see a lot of light and hear a lot of rumble far ahead in front of you. Captain Kirk explains that it is a starburst, which is a sudden and very hefty star formation. That’s great and it brings us the Starburst Slot Machine. There are more explanations possible for the starburst word, but there is only one game with that name, so that is a good thing to know.

Play Starburst Now for Free

The Starburst Slot Machine is apparently very popular among the online casinos, facing the growing use of this game to offer free spins when you put some money in your account there and there. That is not because of the many great features in the game. In fact we have to admit that the game is rather simple, a bit poor actually, but perfect for a game in between, when you are awaiting the start of the football match or the entrance of your partner to go to the cinema with you. Closing the Starburst Slot Machine live goes on and you will not miss anything. From that point of view it is a really nice game. The lay out gives us five reels and three rows, equipped with ten bet lines. For a modern video slot ten bet lines is not much, but there is a waterproof explanation for it.

When you are an experienced gamer you know that winning combinations on a bet line always go from the leftmost to the right and that the symbols have to be consecutive. That goes for decades now and the only exception is a feature with scattered symbols, where it does notThe Starburst Slot Machine matter where on the screen they are displayed. Well, now we have a completely different experience for you in Starburst Slot Machine as winning combinations in this game can also be achieved from the rightmost to the left. That’s why they reduced the number of bet lines, otherwise the online casino provider would be broke before the end of the day. So, don’t think too quick that this a typical Monday morning game with no extra effort whatsoever to bring you an exciting new slot, because you are part of a whole new idea in Starburst Slot Machine. On the other hand you might wonder whether this is enough, missing a free spins mode, missing a bonus game and with the absence of a jackpot game. Is there any other compensation in Starburst Slot Machine to make it up with us? Yes, there is!

Starburst Explaianed

First of all you have to make up your mind what you are going to bet. We advise you to take all the bet lines, because there are only ten. You have the choice within ten bet levels and the coin can go up from a value of one single cent to a whole dollar. Starburst Slot Machine shows us seven symbols, five gemstones, a BAR symbol and the number 7, that reminds us to the good old fruit machines in our club and not so much the online slot machines versions. You can consult the paytable for the different winnings that are given when you have three or more symbols on a winning bet line. Since you’re reading the paytable at this moment, better see the second page as well.

There you can read that there is a Wild symbol in the game and that this one is completely crazy. This eight pointed star only appears in Starburst Slot Machine on the second, third and fourth reel and it replaces other symbols as usual. But when the Wild is there it will immediately expand to cover the whole reel where he has chosen domicile. Then you will get a re-spin with more chances to win of course with even the possibility that another Wild is appearing on one of the remaining two reels. And guess what this Wild is doing? Indeed, it expands as well and so have you two reels covered with Wild symbolism. And you will have another re-spin with a lot of chances on winning combinations again. And what happens when the third Wild in the game shows up? It will also expand and then you will have all three Wild reels and still there is that re-spin. Enough fun they thought at NetEnt’s and they could be right about that. The Starburst Slot Machine is obviously a piece of work to play, so we will stop the mourning here and leave you with these splendid game.

Starburst Slot Features

You can adjust a few things in Starburst Slot Machine, such as the sounds and the volume of the sounds. When your internet connection turns out to be a bit slow, you can also lower the resolution of the game. It has hardly any effect on the game itself but it takes less energy and your connection has less to do. Net Entertainment appreciates that you need some time to arrange a beer or to cut the grass and therefore they invented the Autoplay. You can chose four different levels and even take a nap while playing.

But don’t forget that the top of the earnings in Starburst Slot Machine is 50.000 coins and that is something you won’t miss. So, don’t go way too far. Apart from all this it is listed in the category free online slot machines as well so you can play it without any risk to lose money but also with no chance to win some. But this is ideal to find out whether you like Starburst Slot Machine or not or to play it when you know that there is little time available (remind the football game or the cinema). All by all it is not our absolute favorite, but still a game that is worth playing and gives enough satisfaction, even for spoiled gamers. The absolute topic of this game is that you can have winning combinations from the leftmost as well from the rightmost and this makes the Starburst Slot Machine in a way unique!