Scarface Slot Machine

Scarface Slot Machine Screenshot

When developers of software for pokie machines make deals with Hollywood studios you know that serious business is done. One of the biggest producers of video slots is Net Entertainment and one of the biggest producers of movies is Universal Studios. The corporation between these two giants gave us a fantastic pokie: Scarface slot machine. Here is why…

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Al Capone was an infamous gangster in Chicago and many books and movies are ‘inspired’ by this mob and his gang. In 1932 a movie was released, based on the life of Capone, but to avoid trouble with him the movie was called Scarface and the main character Tony Montana. In Hollywood it is quite common to produce remakes of successful movies and so we witnessed the second Scarface movie in 1983 with Al Pacino as Tony Montana. The background was different for Montana was hunted for trading and trafficking drugs, the modern variant on booth and extortion, where Al Capone made his money with. Director Bran de Palma did portrait Montana as a not so nice, rather paranoia guy, but in Scarface slot machine we see two different persons: a generous one being the Wild in the game and a ruthless one in the bonus game. Anyway, this Scarface slot machine is one of the online slot machines, resulted from the corporation between Net Entertainment And Universal Studios. A slot game is not the right medium to tell great stories in detail, you have to make choices. One thing you can do as a developer is making great graphics. But here we are a somewhat disappointed in Scarface slot machine with only five symbols present that are related to the story and five card symbols to fill up the lay-out. But you will see that the special features are making it up with us. We see five reels and three rows, which is very common, and also the twenty bet lines are not exceptional, but in Scarface slot machine they are fixed on that number, you can’t vary. There are ten different bet levels and the value of the coins can be from one to fifty cents. By pushing the MAX BET button, you can maximize the bet very easily. That’s what you need to know to place the bets in Scarface slot machine.

Looking at the features we experience a number of them and they can all be very profitable in Scarface slot machine. But you need a map to understand and play the different features, that are all triggered by one symbol: the wild, the leading part in the game and played by Tony Montana himself. The wild is often acting as a stacked one, it comes as a stand-alone symbol and will then expend over the whole reel. What reel? You have to write it down to understand. On reel one and reel five nothing is happening when it comes to appearances of the wild, he only shows up on reel 3, 4 and 5. Each reel has its own special feature in Scarface slot machine. On reel two it will trigger the Nudge spins, on reel three it will trigger the bonus game and on reel four you will get free spins. Nobody can say that Scarface slot machine is a poor performer! You might wonder what nudge spins are, they are not very common in pokies, but regular players of NetEnt online slot machines know that there are very often all kind of novelties in their games. When the stacked wild on reel two pops up it means that you are granted a re-spin. After that one the nudge wild will shrink on the reel and another reel spin will be given and the third re-spin is with only one wild symbol left. During the re-spins the nudge wilds stay in their place of course. It’s just a nice feature in Scarface slot machine and it cost you nothing! We skip reel 3 for now and go to the stacked wild on reel four, the one that is sending you an bundle with free spins. Fifteen free spins are granted and during the free spins you can also have the luck that the nudge wild on reel two is coming up again. In that case the number of free spins is on hold and firstly the nudge re-spins will be taken care of. During the free spins mode all wins are multiplied by three. Many pokies would stop here but Scarface slot machine has still that third reel available for another stacked wild and that’s the one for the bonus game.

This bonus game is a bit rough to say it nice and you will have to transform to a member of the gang to protect Tony Montana who is always hunted in Scarface slot machine by a special government squad, leaded by Alejandro Sosa. The problem for most crooks is that government resources seems to be endless, while a gangster is sometimes out of money, out of weapons or out of staff. The screen in the bonus game is split up in squares and Tony has a gun that can be loaded with bullets, with just enough reach for one square or even with a grenade that also cleans up a bit in other squares. But it is always possible that some guys of Sosa survive the shooting to come into the square of Montana at the end of the bonus game, because that’s what happens then: the bonus game comes to an end. When you have to calm down after the shootings in the bonus game of Scarface slot machine you can take some rest and have the Autoplay started to play the game for you as long as your assistance is not directly required. Scarface slot machine can be played for free giving you the opportunity to find out whether you are strong enough to join a gang like Tony Montana’s one driven away from your regular peaceful life as an office clerk, a mechanic, a teacher or whatever decent profession you may have outside Scarface slot machine.