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Nottingham Forest is a well-known English football club, but football matches are not played in a forest, but on a field. The forests around the city of Nottingham however are more famous than the playing grounds of the local football pride. That has everything to do with the legend of the very popular villain who was stealing from the rich people to share the profits of the day with the poor people. There were plenty of poor people in those days, because the deputy of the reigning King Richard was laying heavy tax burdens on the people. This story leads us to the Robin Hood slot machine, subtitled as shifting riches.

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The stories of Robin Hood and Ivanhoe (situated in England at the same time) learns us that the leader of a country is better off home, in this case the citizens of are better off. King Richard was fighting in the East to defend the interests of the Christian church in Jerusalem. In those days it was very trendy not only to finance crusades but also to join them, in name of the Almighty, the Pope or just the local king or duke, whatever. Christians and Mores were winning on and off and at the end we counted many dead people, a lot of demolished villages and buildings on the tracks and at the end no other result that the position and status of Jerusalem is still a hot topic. In Robin Hood slot machine is not too much place for historical speculations, these games are made for other purposes.

Looking at the lay-out we see five reels and three rows, which is quite normal for a video slot. Software developer NetEntertainment gave us 20 bet lines in the game with ten different bet levels and the possibility to chance the value of a coin from one to fifty cents. We see a number of symbols that are related to the theme of Robin Hood slot machine, but also five card symbols and that’s a pity, it makes the game a little poor from a graphic point of view. Everyone who is familiar with the legend of Robin Hood will miss a symbol of Marian, the love of his live, who is in all movies captured by the sheriff of Nottingham to be freed of course by our hero, his golden arch and his comrades. There is a novelty in Robin Hood online slot machines, called the Shifting Reels.

Shifting Reels Explained

We’ll explain… Like in most video slots a winning combination occurs when the same symbols are found on a bet line from the leftmost to the right. In Robin Hood slot machine it does not end with the pay-out of the value of that particular combination, for which we refer to the paytable, but with a shift from all present symbols on the screen to the right, leaving the left wing open. A completely new reel will fill the gap with of course new chances for a winning combination. While this happens a multiplier is active, that starts with number one of course and can increase to five. As the Wild in Robin Hood slot machine is still in the game it can be very profitable to spin new winnings at a row.

There is a nice opportunity for extra bonus money and that is to be realized with an extra Wild in the free spins mode. You can imagine that our Nottingham hero had to lock up the catch of the day in a decent chest, because there was no bank in the forest and there was not always enough time to visit the poor at the same day. So, you will see that in this Robin Hood slot machine the leader of the pack is regularly filling one of the chests with bags of money and jewelries, and when one of them is completely loaded you will be awarded with ten free spins. During the free spins an extra Wild is added, being one of the main characters in the game. With two wilds you can make a lot of extra money and that’s exactly what we want you to do in Robin Hood slot machine.

There is also Another scatter symbol active that will give you extra free spins if only present by the two on your screen. Depending on your bet level you will have extra coins and you will see a scattered symbol, that with only two on the screen will reward you with extra free spins. There are more chests available for Robin Hood to fill, even during this free spins mode, so the game must go on. You think? This is an important part of the game and it is therefore that the Robin Hood slot machine directors allows you to leave the game and will store the moneybags for you, for even a whole year if you planned a sailing tour around the world.

This sympathetic gesture is highly appreciated by us, as well as the high theoretical return of the Robin Hood slot machine to players, set to 96.8%. There is no jackpot in the game, the producers of NetEntertainment decided that is more proper to divide the money as quick as possible, as Mr. Hood would have done it himself. Apart from that a jackpot would make you rich and when you are rich you are no longer safe for the forest gang. And we don’t want you to end up in Robin Hood slot machine with an arrow in your back, nor do the people of Net Entertainment. To avoid all risks they built in the opportunity to play the game completely for free. You can be part of the history without any risk to end up at the wrong side of it, by winning too much money. That makes Robin Hood slot machine complete as well as this article, in which we tried to explain how history works in a pokie game.