Play Online Slot Machines

When you buy a new TV or computer you will find a manual in the box how to connect your new toy to the electricity net or to the internet and how to use it. Sometimes the manual is rather complicated and there are cases known that people reported to a psychiatrist because they thought that they were plain stupid not understanding one word of the manual. It appeared most of the time that they picked the wrong language. There is no handbook to play online slot machines but there are a number of rules you must know and we have some tips to keep it safe in order to optimize the fun when you play online slot machines.

We have selected a number of games for you and described them extensively. There are many more games, but don’t panic: if you want to play other games you can normally rely on the description of the game, provided by your online casino. Those descriptions are not very attractive and rather basic, but they tell you want you need to know to play online slot machines. In the old days when there were hardly machines in the casino’s you had the choice between a poker machine and a fruit machine.

They are still there, but the development of computers and advanced software made it possible to play advanced games on the pokie machines and the rise of internet led to the founding of a large number of online casinos that are offering the regular casino games and where you can also play online slot machines. There are hundreds of games and the different software developers are adjusting a lot of new games every year. The good old fruit pokies are still there but new games are normally part of the category video slots with five reels, three rows and a number of bet lines, bet levels and different coin values. These games have special features like a wild that replaces other symbols, a bonus game where you can achieve free spins and a bonus game where you have to fulfill some duties in order to gain a large number of extra coins.

Some games have jackpots, even progressive jackpots and the pay-outs of these jackpots can mount to several millions of dollars. Behind to offer to play online slot machines is a big industry active to develop the games, to offer them to the public and worldwide this industry makes a revenue of billions of dollars a year. There are no exact figures how many people play online slot machines and how much money they spend but it is for sure that a lot of safety measures are required to make the games safe and the same goes for the many transactions that are made each day between players and online casinos. It is important to realize that in brick and mortar casinos as well in the online casinos every spin is based on coincidence. That is effected by a so called random number generator (RNG), which is responsible for spinning the reels in such a way that a certain percentage of the stakes is given back to the player. Mostly between 95% and 98% is paid out as winnings on online slot machines. There is no system that you can keep up in order to maximize your chance on winnings. You can play two minutes and win the jackpot or your whole life without such a prize.

To play online slot machines the number one tip is therefore never to try to win your eventual losses back, thinking that you will win something when you play long enough. We strongly advice to define the amount you want to bet or to play before you start playing and never to cross the limits you have set. You have to draw a line in order to play online slot machines safely and you have to stay behind it. After all you always need money to pay the rent and to replace the car and it is not funny to tell your partner that you have to remain in the dark for a while, because you were not able to pay the electricity bills. Tip number two is that you have to make a good choice regarding the online casinos. Those promoted on this site are very reliable and member of several leading branch organizations, not only active for the interests of online casinos, but also involved in fair play and all what has to be done to guarantee a safe environment for the players. That’s good to know.

Another thing is that you are transferring personal data and later on money to play online slot machines. You can always play a lot of games completely for free avoiding financial transactions, but even then you often have to subscript to the online casino. For this it is a good thing that the same software developers that brought you Scarface or one of the many other games are also involved in making software for safe transactions. And of course the payment service providers, including the banks and the credit card companies are also improving their systems every day. Apart from the free online slot machines you can spend as much money as you like, although many payment systems have limits on the amount that you can transfer, often a limit for one day. So there is nothing left to be worried of. Your data are secured, your payments are safe, there are no traces on the internet that leads to your transactions and to play online slot machines you can also be sure of it that games are safe and are really games of chance by use of the random number generator. All this is to guarantee you a safe environment so that you can maximize the fun when you play online slot machines. But the main idea is that you have to play responsible and for that you don’t need complicated systems but just a healthy mind.