Online Casino Slot Machines

There is no brick and mortar casino in the world where you can’t find slot machines, at least that’s what we think. The one armed bandits are amazingly popular from day one that they were installed on a casino floor. That was at the end of the nineteenth century and for millions of people these machines are in the heart of the casino action and not the black jack or poker tables. That’s also a matter of taste and why should we try to change that. From the brick and mortar casinos it is a big step to the online casino slot machines although it’s also a few small steps or no step at all, because you can play them all behind your desk. We love to tell you something about the history of the online casino slot machines and have a look at the future.

Playing Online

Looking at young animals we see an often amusing scene, where they are playing with each other. In fact they are preparing to survive in the wild nature where it is hard to be and where no mercy exists. You eat or you are eaten, that is hard day to day reality. Our own children are playing in the same way, but for many of them it is not to learn how to survive, but just fun. So are the online slot machines not a way to sharpen your mental skills or to learn how to travel to far away holiday resorts, but it is just fun. Money can be involved however and that makes it also a serious business, at first for the online casino providers, further more for all software developers, payment service providers, security companies and last but not least for you, the player without a name until you decide to play for real money. We are using technics that are only a few decades in our lives, but games of chance are much older, older than online casino slot machines of course. To find out exactly how they came into the world is impossible because many things were not written down in the past, a bit sloppy maybe but we have to deal with that. We know that dices were available from at least 5000 years ago, made of animal bones and throwing dices was very popular in the Roman Empire. In fact cheating was already in the game among the old Romans; dices were found that were processed to help a profitable outcome a bit.

In literature we found a story of De Cervantes, the author of Don Quichotte, who wrote a story about a couple of crooks that were playing Ventiuna (which means twenty-one) a game that is now called blackjack. Many other games are said to be originating from China, but there is not much proof for it. Written documentation about gaming is found in Italy where the nobles in the middle ages used to play a number of casino games in their garden houses, that were actually called casinos (casa = home). The name of all online casino slot machines is coming from that period, that learns us that games were not only played for money, but also for a number of possessions. It was obviously a frivolous time what we learn from handmade playing cards with an outspoken erotic printing.

From Landbased to Online

From Italy casino games were spread out all over Europe, but especially to France and from France it was brought to the United States. A number of casino games got their definitive form and rules here but the big revolution started when a certain Charles Fey invented the slot machine, called the Liberty Bell that is still in a museum in Reno, Nevada. The first machines were not able to pay-out and it was for years quite normal to report to the counter having a winning combination to collect a free drink or something like that. This system will not work with online casino slot machines that you are playing in your own house. But the machines went through a certain evolution and everybody can picture machines now that make a lot of noise while spitting out hundreds of dollars as a winning. In our times that system still exists but some games have jackpots that are worth millions and you will not be so pleased anymore when you have to carry that in coffins. Lucky you we have bank transfers and other ways to pay-out large sums of money.

That brings us to the online casino slot machines where physical money is not involved any longer. You may have your home in Auckland while your favorite online casino is in the Mediterranean island of Malta. You can dream of how nice it can be to pay a visit to this lovely place, but it is not very practical to bring some cash over there. Apart from that governments are a bit panicked of money laundering, so the safest way is to register every player and every penny that is transferred from one to another. That’s the normal system when online casino slot machines are involved in your gaming program. Elsewhere on this site we have written about a number of games and how they can be played.

It’s all about software nowadays but the lay-out of most games is rather similar and there are a number of features that are also more or less the same in most online casino slot machines. There is a wild, a scattered symbol for free spins with optional extra bonus games and sometimes even a progressive jackpot. Many games are the same as you can find in brick and mortar casinos, but the software is never the same because a real machine requires other software than online casino slot machines. New developments are 3D slots and mobile online casino slot machines, those you can play on your pad or smartphone. Whatever choice you make it’s fun to play them and they will be there for much, much longer.