Piggy Riches

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In comics and movies you can bring animals to life and let them be whatever you like them to be. In the fabulous TV show The Muppets we can meet fantastic characters, based on animals with very human traits and some of them are unforgettable, like Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy. This lady is very likely the inspiration for the NetEnt online slot machine Piggy Riches, because the likeness is unmistakable. Let’s leave our own world and get into the one of the piggy characters with a lot of banknotes to share.

Play Piggy Riches Now for Free

Miss Piggy is accompanied by a kind of a Mr. Piggy, who is playing the part of the Wild when playing the online slot machines Piggy Riches. In The Muppet show there is no Mr. Piggy, as everybody knows that this lady felt deeply in love with Kermit, who likes her a lot, but nothing more than that. However the Piggy duo exists in the game and they work together to get you loaded with banknotes or coins, because that is the official currency in Piggy Riches. The lay-out of Piggy Riches is as usual in video slots with 5 reels and 3 rows. There are fifteen bet lines, which is average and you can go from one to ten bet levels. You can also select different values of the coins, from one cent to fifty cents. If you hate all this pre-selecting stuff there is always an escape to avoid this actions by using the MAX BET button. Having done all this one way or another, we can start Piggy Riches by pushing the game button. There are these people that want to minimize their efforts in whatever they do, even in playing video slots like Piggy Riches and for them the software developers of Net Entertainment have invented the Autoplay. From 25 to 100 times you can automatically play the game without even opening your eyes. The Autoplay always stops when a little action from your side is needed in order to continue the game. And at the moment that you want on second thought to participate in the game by pushing all the buttons yourself, it also stops immediately.

Piggy Riches Free Spins

There are only two features in Piggy Riches, which might be disappointing for the diehards among our players. There is no such thing as a jackpot and there is also no bonus game available. But the Wild (Mister Piggy) and the Scatter (Miss Piggy) are very generous and you can win really something with their help. The Wild is replacing all other symbols, except the Free spins scatter symbol, and increases your chances to create winning combinations on a bet line. Winning combinations always have to go in succession from the leftmost to the right and will pay what is indicated in the Paytable. Our Wild in Piggy Riches is generous we said and that is because all the winnings with the help of Mr. Piggy are tripled, no questions asked. That’s very nice for the Wild symbol is really frequently appearing. There is nothing more to tell about the Wild. It is a generous piggy, but a bit lazy, for he has no clue of doing something extra like expanding on the reel, assigning re-spins or something like that. Okay, let us see what Miss Piggy herself has in mind for us. In The Muppet Show she is always very sticky, especially when Kermit is around, but in Piggy Riches she does not look very happy and not very friendly either, but that does not have to worry us, because there are no evil tricks in Piggy Riches. She is responsible for the assignment of free spins and she does that with glamour. She is a scattered symbol and with three appearances she already hands out seven free spins.

If you are so lucky to have four free spins symbols on the screen at the same time you are awarded with fourteen free spins and the top of the bill is of course five free spins, which is not only directly paying out your bet from that moment multiplied by hundred, but also entitles you to an additional 28 (twenty-eight) free spins in Piggy Riches. And that is not all. During the free spins mode there is a multiplier active which is arbitrarily set on a level from one to six! No wonder that we see in a corner of the screen that you can win a maximum of 360.000 coins in this game. When you play the maximum levels and coin value that is good for a 180.000 dollar. Now we see that the name Piggy Riches is not ill-placed, but on the contrary very right.

The wellness that can be achieved by playing Piggy Riches reminds us of the old days in Egypt when a female pig in an amulet stood for fertility, wellness and happiness. In the Dutch province Friesland new born babies still get a piggy bank to allow family and neighbors to put some money in it to give the little one a prosperous start in life. With a theoretical return to players of 96.1% your luck is not assured, but with a bit support from Miss Piggy you can make your day. Of course you can play as one of the free online slot machines, you can find in our lists, but there is nothing to win then. In the free mode you cannot use the Game History setting in Piggy Riches, but who cares then. You can use the Autoplay and a number of settings, like the sounds and the volume of the noise you want the game to produce. Piggy Riches is not the most exciting game in our lists, but is nice to play and can be very profitable. And it can also be fun so now and then to play a game with no so many features and do’s and don’ts. For that reason Piggy Riches is a very good slot to play.