Gonzos Quest

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In the snowy mountains you are always warned off avalanches. Only a small trembling in the air or a cry in the dark can cause enormous shifts of snow and you better be off the track then. There is no snow in the jungles of the tropics, that’s for sure but since a while ago there are avalanches observed by scientists and explorers and they have anything to do with a game that is well known as Gonzo’s Quest.

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The scientists in this article are looking for remains of the old Inca culture and the explorers are looking for the gold that was said to be available in unbelievable quantities at a place called El Dorado. The Spanish conquerors heard about it from the Inca’s and they thought that it was a place, may be hidden in a lake. In fact it was not a place but a person, a king that bathed in the lake every day and came out with a layer of gold dust all over him. This El Dorado thing inspired a lot of writers of books and movies and also the software developers of Net Entertainment that based the award winning online slot game Gonzo’s Quest on the story. Gonzo is a kind of an undersized man whom we first locate on a boat, where he finds a map of a place in the jungle, where treasures can be find as fruit in an orchard. This Gonzo can hardly be hold for the new Indiana Jones by mistake, he looks more like a nice uncle, who lost his way from the group and is now landing in the middle of adventurers, that he only dreamt off when at home. The game is amazing popular and that is rather strange because it has no jackpot and not even a decent bonus game. Why is Gonzo’s Quest so popular then? From the gaming point of view it could be the idea of using avalanches in stone as nice alternative of just spinning the reels. But after a while you are used to it, so there has to be more in the Gonzo’s Quest that makes it an absolute hit among the NetEnt online slot machines.

Before we start our own exploration we like to tell you the truth about these trips in the jungle and give you a good advice: don’t do it. The jungle is no place for spoiled citizens, who are used to flowing water and electrical apparatus on every corner of the kitchen shelves. Looking for gold and other treasures has everything to do with greed and that brings us no good. Apart from that the jungle is overloaded with creepy animals that sting and byte and often are equipped with reservoirs, filled with very poisonous poison and that’s no good news either. The lay-out of Gonzo’s Quest however is harmless with five reels and three rows consisting of 15 stones. ?? Yes, just stones, all with a kind of mask on it, as you see very often in the old Mid and South American cultures.

The stones are of equal dimensions but of different value. Before playing Gonzo’s Quest there are a few things on the to do list, that ask for our attention. The number of bet lines is steady, there are 20 winning lines in the game. You can chose from one to five bet levels and the value of the coins can be varied from one to fifty cents. You can also push the Maximum Bet button to play at the highest level. So, now we can start Gonzo’s Quest and when pushing the button to spin the reels you see the stones falling down over each other to line up in a new formation. When there is a winning combination two things will happen: there will be an avalanche and the multiplier on top of the screen will skip from X1 to X2.

Avalanche Feature

The avalanche causes that the stones of the winning combination fall apart, leaving gaps that are filled with the above laying stones and new stones on top. This reformation can also bring new winning combinations of course and when that happens in Gonzo’s Quest the multiplier will skip again. The X5 multiplier is the maximum, but the whole idea is even more attractive when you are successful in gaining some free spins. Because then you will see a new multiplier from X3, X6, X9 to X15. Striving for nice quantities of coins, this is really helpful to realize it (and this has nothing to do with greed of course, it is just a reward from great online slot machines for good gaming).

When we talk about free spins we actually mean free falls. That’s also how they call it in Gonzo’s Quest and we will do the same. The Wild and Free falls symbols are not easy to recognize, because they have the same look as the normal stones, more or less that is. The Wild replaces all other symbols, except for the Free falls symbol of course, and that increases your changes on winning combinations. The Free falls symbol in Gonzo’s Quest appears only on the reels 2, 3 and 4 and rewards you with ten free falls . During the free spins round you can win additional free falls. We already told you about the increased multiplier during the free falls. The combination of these free falls games and the attractive number of coins you can win with it are probably the reason for the popularity of Gonzo’s Quest. Of course there is the possibility of playing Gonzo’s Quest for free, without spending money. Nothing to lose then, nothing to win, but the game is still attractive enough of course. If you want to clean your room from the dust caused by the avalanches, you can use the Autoplay, with four different levels. Gonzo’s Quest is in our opinion a great game with a very original idea and a very attractive lay-out. Have fun with it!