Ghost Pirates

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You will not like to meet them when you are on a nice cruise through the Caribbean. You can do it just with a comic in a lazy chair or a movie in the cinema on the second deck. Pirates are not welcome and ghost pirates are even more scary, so we leave them where they are: in our imagination. Ghost Pirates in the eponymous video slot however are very welcome to visit our devices. Let us tell you why…

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Ever heard about the Flying Dutchman? This story is one of the most famous legends throughout the world when it comes to ghost ships. A certain William Hope Hodgson wrote his Ghost Pirates in 1909 and the legend of the spooky ship was certainly of important inspiration. It became a Disney attraction and later the Hollywood movie Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp starring. Another famous story is that of Blackbeard, the pirate with a so scary appearance that ships were handed out to him, before one shot was released. Till today people are looking for the enormous treasures that this pirate should have gained in his active career, of which nothing was found back.

This was all to refresh your memory, let’s have a look at the Ghost Pirates game and see what we can make out of that in terms of fun and may be some profit if you have more luck than most of the victims of pirates. The lay-out consists of five reels and three rows, which is normal but there are no specific bet lines in Ghost Pirates, but 243 winning combinations. You have to learn them by heart before starting the game. (……..) Now that is done, we can define your bets. You may choose for all winning combinations, but you can also choose a certain part of them, that is 3, 9, 27 or 81. You can also choose whether to play with a coin value of one cent, fifty cents, or something in between. Let’s have a look now who is playing a part in Ghost Pirates. There is a nasty character called One-Eyed-Ed and he is not the king in the land of the blind, but just a pirate who we don’t want to meet in a dark alley when we have a touristic tour around the old harbor.

There is a lady on board, and that means trouble, because she will probably be the captain’s wife and all the other guys on board can just dream about a weekend with her at the beach. Her name is Peggy Rotten and you don’t want to be engaged with her in or outside Ghost Pirates. What do you think about a monkey, called Monkey and, to complete the cattle in one sentence, a parrot called Polly? Nice company on a ship, together with the rats and mice and other creeping animals, that we can find there. Other symbols are what we expect on a normal ship in those ages, such as a couple of guns, a canon, an anchor and more of that stuff without which one cannot win a battle nor keep the stolen gold away from other hijackers on the ocean.

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The Wild on the Ghost Pirates online slot machines are pictured of a skull and do not much more than you may expect from a Wild in an online slot machine. It replaces other symbols -but not the free spins scatter- to increase your winning chances and that’s it. The best feature is the Free spins scatter, of which you have to score free on the screen, doesn’t matter in what places. The Free spins symbol is a big case, filled up from top to bottom with jewelries. Don’t expect that you can win this treasure, for two reasons.

At first this treasure was never found, as we told you at the beginning of this article, and secondly your online casino cannot afford these amounts of money in a normal video slot like Ghost Pirates is after all. Only progressive jackpots can count into the millions, but there is no jackpot in this game. Nevertheless the free spins in Ghost Pirates can meet your wishes to have a chance on a nice number of extra coins. Not only because you will have 10 free spins at the minimum and 25 spins when you were betting at the max, but also because of a threefold multiplier on all the winnings you gather in the Free spins mode. That’s nice and profitable, so why worry about the electricity bill, when you have some luck in Ghost Pirates.

Since there is no bonus game in the Ghost Pirates and no jackpot which also applies for other pokies such as Alien Robots, this is all we can tell you about the features in this slot. There is nothing more but there are some options, worth telling you. We already stated that you can play Ghost Pirates for free and that is a good thing. If you don’t like the company on second thought, you can easily withdraw and go for a nice, friendly fruit machine. If you want to try out the game without being involved too much, you can always try the Autoplay.

Slot features

There are four different levels for the Autoplay, as good service. You can further more adjust a number of things in the game, like the sounds and the volume of them, but also the resolution of Ghost Pirates on your own screen. Normally you will not use that, but it is a good thing to have when your internet connection is a bit slow. Sometimes that happens and a lower resolution will not really effect the game, but saves some memory and capacity for your processors. About the processing of the money, Ghost Pirates gives an estimated return to the player between 95.3% and 96.9%, depending on the number of bet ways played. To conclude we just want to give you one more advice. To avoid a very unpleasant continuation of your trip: don’t mess up with the lady on board!