Boom Brothers

Boom Brothers Screenshot

Dynamite is explosive and so is the online slots machine Boom Brothers, a game where you see miners in action and when you see news broadcasts from time to time you know that miners have a risk full profession. It seems that the Boom Brothers are not aware of the risks at all, because they use dynamite as a fun article on New Year’s Eve. That’s what you can do in a video slot and it is all to raise the fun and maybe some profit for you.

Play Boom Brothers Now for Free

It is a NetEntertainment online slot machine and one of the best in the range they offer. That’s because the game is funny in the standard lay-out but it also has a very nice bonus game. When you start Boom Brothers you will see that this pokie was not produced on a late Friday afternoon but that it took a lot of time and devotion to make this one. All the symbols are related to the theme of the game, no playing cards, whatsoever. Every feature in Boom Brothers brings you something extra, even the Wild with a second chance option. But first things first. You can play this slot as a free online slot machine but when you to play for real money you can vary that from a few cents per spin till a few dollars. The five reels and three rows offer in total 20 bet lines, which you can play from one to twenty.

Free Spins

The more bet lines you play, the higher the stake of course. You can apart from the number of bet lines also choose between one to five bet levels and the coin value can be varied from one cent to a whole dollar. Although the Boom Brothers themselves are starring in this game, you will not see them on the Payroll. They appear from time to time to celebrate your winning combinations, what comes with a lot of noise and dynamite, that is probably available for free for these guys. Their main work is in the bonus game, but we are not there yet. The Wild in the game is just a Wild and replaces other symbols to increase your chances to win something. Another generous chance to win some extra coins is the second chance option.

You will never know when this one comes up, but suddenly it is there and the one time you will get one or two symbols changed in a Wild and another time one of the guys will pull a handle and one or a few more reels will completely spin again. The funniest one is one of the Boom Brothers that makes his entrance in a lorry and put some dynamite under the three reels in the middle. After the explosion they will spin again at no extra cost. It’s just nice that they have included this in Boom Brothers, because you can only win by it.

You can also win Free spins and that’s a really good feature in Boom Brothers. The free spins symbol is a scatter and you need three of them on the screen to enter the free spins mode. The symbols keep spinning around and when they stop you will see the number of free spins you have. In the Free spins mode all winnings are tripled and you will probably not complain about that.

Bonus Game

The bonus game is the best part of Boom Brothers but you need three bonus symbols on a winning bet line to enter it. In fact you still don’t because at first you have to complete the rail track to the bonus game. When that is fixed you enter the bonus game of Boom Brothers and here you will see all of the brothers active in the same play. Each of them has his own rail track and at the bottom of the cave you will see another track with three lorries. They look empty but in each of them a gemstone. These stones correspond with the same stones at the end of the rail tracks of the Boom Brothers. When you have chosen a gemstone the lorry of the Boom Brother that faces that gemstone at the end of the track will move forward. There is a difference in the value of the gemstones and when one of the brothers has finalized his track he will of course put some explosives in that part of the rock where the gemstones are supposed to be and that will reveal the final winning of this bonus game. You will experience, as we did, that you will earn more bonus games in this slot than free spins, but we did not develop the game of course, that is done on behalf of Net Entertainment.

When we are going to organize a contest between all the slots we describe on this site, the Boom Brothers would make a good chance to win one of the medals. The great lay-out of the game pleases us a lot and the features are many and they can be very profitable. That makes the Boom Brothers an award winner, if there were any. Even as one of the free online slot machines it is very nice to do and you can also play it while cleaning , thanks to the function of the Autoplay. That stops automatically when you are at the start of the bonus game of are rewarded with free spins. Of course there are a number of other things you can adjust, but that has more to do with the resolution of the game, the sounds and the volume of the sound. A very complete game and very popular among gamers and that does not surprise us at all. After all, playing online slot machines should be fun and the more features you have the more fun you can get. In that matter: no complains on Boom Brothers, only compliments and raised thumbs.