Alien Robots

“Hello, we are (bleep bleep) robots and we come (bleep bleep) out of space to play a part in the slot game Alien Robots. Nice to meet you and we wish you a lot of fun playing the game (bleep bleep) and we hope that this article will support you with enough information to get the best out of (bleep bleep) Alien Robots.”

So far the robots, but you will understand that they are not here to write instructions. In fact we gave no idea what robots out of space would do on earth. The robots we know now are part of a production process for assembling cars for example and we all would like to have a robot in our house, that will do the nasty games like cleaning the floor and mowing the grass. When they have decent instructions and a ten year warranty we will be happy with them. But we can guarantee you that our alien robots will make you happy as well, because a) they are very friendly and b) they can bring you a lot of profit in the game. Of course when there is no profit at the end you can’t blame us neither the robots, it’s just bad luck then.

So, our alien robots online slot machines have nothing to do with the science fiction monsters you see in Japanese animations where they destroy complete buildings, just because they are angry. Our robots are very polite and they have a devoted appearance. The only thing you could remark about them is that they are only with five and that for the rest of the game producer NetEntertainment used five playing cards. That’s what we see when we open the game and have a look at the lay-out. We see the usual three rows and five reels, and the part of the screen where we can settle the odds and ends for our bets. There are 30 bet lines and 243 different bet combinations in Alien Robots, with five different bet levels. You can vary the value of the coins between one and fifty cents. You might have a problem in keeping up with all the bet possibilities, but don’t worry: there is a Random Number generator active and they will take care of the outcome of every spin you make.

The Slot Feature

Concluding that the graphics of the game are a bit poor is one thing but when we look at the features we see that this a game for the fast and the furious, and not for those who prefer big slots with bonus rounds and a possible jackpot. These two features lack in Alien Robots, but the features that are supporting the Wild and the Free spins mode are excellent. The ‘normal’ Wild is just single tasking in replacing other symbols, just to increase your winning chances. There is nothing special in this day to day business of our Wild, but in the Free spins mode it changes in a Sticky Wild and that is for sure something special. First you see the Wild as in the normal play, but then she expands over the whole reel and stay there while all other reels and symbols are enjoying a re-spin. The Wild can only appear on reel 2, 3 and 4 but there is no limit in the number of Wilds in one spin, so when you have that re-spin we told you about it is possible that another Wild appears on another reel. The festivities are repeated then but now with two Sticky Wilds. And you will not be surprised now, when we tell you that even a third Sticky Wild can pop up with a possible outcome of 50.000 coins to win for your slot balance. Well that is a good deal we think. Our Alien robots are easy to maintain with very low cost and when they come up with such profits in a video slot you will not hesitate to let them in when they knock on your door. And they do their job 24 hours a day and never complain about working in weekends and on holidays.

The software developers of NetEntertainment slots did realize that it might be possible that you –as a normal functioning human being- are not able to keep up with the ongoing activities of our alien robots and that’s why they have adjusted an Autoplay in Alien Robots. So you can take a nap when the robots continue their work and try to bring you some luck. Of course they will wake you up when you have to act on your own behalf as in Free spins modes with Stickey Wilds at hand. We once had a question about the Free spins symbol. Would we like to describe that as an UFO, an unidentified flying object, or just a flying saucer. Well, they can actually be the same for a flying saucer can be an UFO as well, but we don’t know if there are any other forms for UFO’s. A lot of people believe in them, but so far there are no UFO’s at the parking spot in front of the building, so it is not easy to comment on that. But this flying saucer in Alien Robots is identified as the place where our alien robots go when you switch of the game. They fly around then till you want to have them back to assist you in another episode of this video slot. And that without making any noise nor using enormous spotlights to find their way in the dark. Alien Robots is a nice game and it keeps you busy all the time thanks to the Free spins mode, where the real action is. A game where you can gain nice profits, but that’s only when you play the maximum bet. You can play Alien Robots for free if you like in order to acquaint our little friends (bleep bleep).