Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah Screenshot

It sounds like a nursery rhyme: mini, minor, major, mega. But it’s not. It are the names of the four jackpots of the online slot machine Mega Moolah and one of them can be really loaded. Something like five million dollar was the highest jackpot that Mega Moolah paid. That’s no pocket money and apparently we have to take this game serious and that’s exactly what we are going to do! Mega Moolah is slang for a lot of money and a lot of money is what you can get.

It is a slot with five reels and three rows, nothing special so fat. With 25 betting lines, five bet levels and various values of the coins (from one to five cents) you can bet as you like. It is a cheerful game with all those animals, among which we recognize the giraffe, the monkey, the lion, the elephant and the chamois. Nice company to have on a quiet evening with nobody around. The Mega Moolah is not a stand-alone game. There are three other games in the same chain, all with the four jackpots, but totally different. We give you the names of the other three, but will not describe them in this article: Meha Moolah Isis, Mega Moolah 5 Reel Drive en Mega Moolah Summertime. In case you will meet it as the one million dollar question, you will be grateful for this information. The software developer of the Mega Moolah games is Microgaming, an English company with the main office in Malta. None of the pictured animals is living in Malta, where not even a zoo is present. In this environment they created four jackpots, each with their own minimum value. The mini jackpot is at least good for ten dollar, the minor for 100 dollar. So that is nice for the petty cash but the major jackpot will at least pay ten thousand dollar and that’s more like it. The biggest jackpot of our nursery rhyme is the Mega jackpot with a minimum pay-out of one million dollar. No wonder that Mega Moolah is so popular among punters all over the world. The jackpots are triggered by the Mega Moolah Jackpot Wheel, which is send to us through a Random Number Generator. It goes without saying that your chances on a mini jackpot are a bit bigger than those on the mega jackpot and that’s not because they don’t like you, but because it takes a lot of spins before such a jackpot is built up. Please try to appreciate that and keep on dreaming of the jackpot, but don’t think that you will win it by playing the game day and night. The idea of a random number generator is that a matter of pure coincidence is guaranteed.

Mega Moolah Jackpots

There is a Wild in the game that replaces all other symbols, but not the free spins symbol for instance, in order to increase your chances on winning combinations. The lion is the Wild symbol and he is amazing generous, knowing that in nature he always wants to eat first and the rest of the family has to sit down and wait till his majesty is done. In Mega Moolah the lion thinks of you first and to approve that he doubles the winnings that are gained with his portrait in the line-up of winning symbols. Viva the lion and when you have more lions in a winning line you win a lot of coins. It is in fact the best regular pay-out in Mega Moolah. For the even better results we strongly advise the free spins mode. A crazy purple monkey is the scatter symbol that brings you free spins when you see at least three of them on the screen. The number of free spins is always the same: fifteen but during the free spins mode you can still win another pile of free spins, so that’s nice. Of course we have played all games in the Mega Moolah range and we can assure you that this one also has the best graphics. And the best results for in the free spins mode your winnings are also multiplied, not by two, that’s what the Wild does, but by three and that makes the Free spins bonus game of the Mega Moolah very attractive. If you want to feed your wild animals at home, you can use the Autoplay so that you don’t lose too much time in the game. There are different numbers of spins in the Autoplay, suite yourself!

Mega Moolah Game

Mega Moolah is after all a very nice game, but a real bonus game would have enriched this video slot a lot. But maybe there is a limit to popularity. Microgaming is not offering free online slot machines when there is a jackpot involved. That’s a pity because you cannot try out the game as you might like to do and often do with other slots. But you can always start with the minimum bet to see how it works. There are a few more settings possible, like the sounds and the volume, but that is normal in the world of online slot machines. Let’s end this article with a nice story, the one about the Fabulous Moolah. She could be the subject for a fifth Mega Moolah game, but so far we haven’t heard from Microgaming that they intend to. Fabulous Moolah was a lady in the United States, who was the best in her time in… wrestling. Her name was Mary Lillian Ellison and she proved wrestling to be a very healthy sport, cause she came to the respectable age of 84 years. By playing Mega Moolah you can also get old, but we advise enough movement to get your condition outdoor. There are no jackpots outdoor, we have to admit that, but after some sports you will have a clear mind to play every game just a little better.