Major Millions

Major Millions Screenshot

The army has always been a safe haven for adventurers and patriotic young boys. In the video slot Major Millions, that is created by Microgaming, you can find a lot of attributes that belong to the three different sections of each army, flying through the air, sailing on the sea or moving forwards on the land. The game is amazing popular and that is cause of the progressive jackpot that is built in. Let’s see what is in for us when playing Major Millions.

At first sight it can be a bit disappointing because you will see that there is no bonus game in Major Millions and not even a feature where you can win free spins. But at second sight you will see that there is much to do in this game. The lay out with five reels and three rows can be considered as normal. That goes the same for the fifteen bet lines, which is also average. There is only one value for the coins and that can be a different value in different currencies. You have to play 3 coins per spin to participate in the progressive jackpot which is like all online slot machines, play the max. Let’s have a close look to the symbols and what they are worth.

The lowest score is given by the binoculars, followed by the ammunition chest, the sailors cap and the medals. We have a symbol with secret letters and a canon, that is paying out 8 credits when there are three on a winning bet line from the leftmost to the right, consecutive of course. In the top three of valuable symbols we find the airplane, the cruiser and the general or admiral, that is not explained. Of course our special attention is drawn to the Wild and the scatter symbol. The Wild symbol also pays out in credits when you have more than two Wild symbols on a bet line. With three of them you win 80 credits, with four of them even 280 credits and when you have five Wilds on a winning line you will see 8000 credits be credited to your account. That is for the bet lines one to fourteen. When the five Wilds appear on the fifteenth bet line you win the jackpot and that is often above a million dollars. That’s not bad for a relaxing game in the evening when there is no football on TV.

Major Millions Free Spins

We already told you that there is no game with free spins whatsoever. We don’t like that because in our vision the free spins is always a highlight in pokie games. But there is a scatter symbol present and that one brings us a number of multipliers. On appearance of three scatters on the screen the regular bet is multiplied by three. When there are four scatters available the regular bet is multiplied by ten. The best results are for a line-up of five scatters that pays you fifty times the value of the regular bet. Microgaming is not providing the option for a free play and that’s is because of the presence of the progressive jackpot. Mmm… that is a pity, because playing for free gives you the opportunity to see if a game is the right one for you. So, we regret that. If you try to find a practice game you will see that Major Millions has that option, but when you are in the game you will see a sign that only real players can play the game. So, don’t try it, it is simply not possible. This is a disappointment for the one who likes to play for free, but it is out of our control, so please don’t blame us for it. We have tried to explain the game the best we can and when you want to play Major Millions you have to put money in an account and use it.

One of the questions that is often asked is why there is also a Major Millions three reel game. That is because of the progressive jackpot that is also available on this version of Major Millions. It is more a classic video slot with three reels and three rows. The symbols are classic as well (fruit, bars and so on) and the game is offering as less features as the big Major Millions. It is a bit confusing, this use of the same name for two different games, but we can live with it. In the list of progressive jackpots you will always see Major Millions among the first five mentioned. We could imagine of many other slots with a nice jackpot as well and a lot of features in the game, but it does not help a bit, because Major Millions is in such a way appealing to the lust for gaming that you can’t imagine that it will ever lose its position. How important is a progressive jackpot anyway? Well, like the jackpot in a lottery there is only very little chance that you will win it.

So, it is not reality to play such a game for the jackpot, but it is definitely the dream to play it and to dream on then about the big winnings and what you will do with all that money. We can appreciate that, but please accept from us that it has no use to put all your money in such a game. The chance that you will ever win such a jackpot is not based on strategy (there isn’t any strategy for this game) nor on the numbers of spins you make but it is purely and 100% based on coincidence. That’s all that we can say about it and when you keep that in mind you can have a lot of fun with Major Millions with all those army attributes in the paytable and the all the available combinations. Of which many are winning, so your account can profit from it anyway.