Microgaming Online Slot Machines

Over 1200 people are daily at work to offer a large number of games and casino software to an impressive number of providers. And those providers are offering all those games and the technology behind to the millions of players worldwide, that are enjoying all varieties of i-Gaming and sports betting. Of course when you play a game, you don’t care who is serving the games behind the screen, but we can assure you that it is a fantastic and exciting world. Microgaming online slot machines, what can be told about them and how does that effect your own gaming activities?

There are thousands of gaming sites, but far less companies that are exploiting them. Some companies have a number of online casinos, sometimes differentiated to regions or more often to the nature of the games. The offer then one or more online casino sites but also specialized sites for poker, sports betting or bingo. It is rather common nowadays that on every platform all types of i-Gaming are offered with an exception for sports betting. How can you play poker, to name one of the most popular game types, on a not so big online casino site? That’s because of the existence of a poker network. Software developers like Microgaming built a network facility and an unlimited number of online poker providers can connect to that network, offering their clients a far bigger platform that when they would offer poker on their own. That’s fact number one: online casinos do normally not develop their own games, they buy licenses from the software developers. So, when your online casino wants to offer Microgaming online slot machines or just the jackpot slots they are offering, they have to make a license agreement for those games. The same goes naturally for supporting software to govern all player facilities, players data and the way transactions are made and registered.

Great Online Slots

This complicated system makes it possible that you are playing on a certain online casino and will not find any Microgaming online slot machines because there is simply no relationship between your provider and this software developer. There are dozens of game developers and to have license agreements with all of them would be a bit overdone. We are not providing a list of games in combination with the online casino, that is offering them. These things are changing so rapidly that it is almost impossible to publish it correctly from day to day. But every online casino is presenting lists of games they are providing and players don’t look at the software developers in the first place, they look at the name of the game. If you hear about the Major Millions, which is one of the jackpot Microgaming online slot machines, you just go to your favorite online casino and see whether or not it is offered. If not, try and find another online casino and have a look there. But the good news is that the software developers are creating open platforms where you can have the back office of Net Entertainment for example and still be able to offer Microgaming games on that platform. Microgaming online slot machines are making use than of the QuickFire system that Microgaming realizes to make this possible. This is a development that is really in the interest of the players but it is still very new and we have to see how it works out.

Can’t we offer it all to you, instead of only NetEnt games of Microgaming online slot machines? No, because we are not an online casino, we are an affiliate site. We inform players and describe games, but we are not offering those games. We have a good relationship with the online casinos, that are promoted on this site, but the game is played between you and them. We are just leading the players to the right provider and select those providers for you on their credibility, quality of games and the way they organize customer service. All money transactions are made directly to them, not to us. Microgaming online slot machines are offered to more than 160 online casinos worldwide. The number of games is growing every day but at the end of 2012 there were more than 600 games to be offered. For that there are two platforms available for the online casinos and the players: a download platform and a flash platform, that offers streaming gaming software. Microsoft is in the branch well known for their jackpot games.

The Company

The company was the first that organized online slot tournaments, where the winner is millionaire in one evening. Apart from that Microgaming was also behind the biggest jackpot win ever in history: €6.37 million. It is in the frontline for developing Microgaming online slot machines for mobile platforms and all is watched and judged by eCOGRA*, the players organization. It is good to know that a number of protecting measures are in place to protect a player to… himself. Apart from the introduction of deposit limits, a player can request to lock his account, to set individual limits or to deny bonuses. You can ask your online casino ‘Do not contact’ in order to avoid getting information about bonuses on deposits and other gaming offers. And in the meantime they continue in being excellent. Microgaming online slot machines were the first offered on Android and they developed the first true 3D slot. So, you now have an idea how it all works behind the screen and how important the role is that software developers play in i-Gaming. You will maybe never meet them, but it is good to know that they make it possible that you can play slot games. And Microgaming online slot machines belong to the best that is in the market!

* eCOGRA stands for e-Commerce and Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance. It is an independent organization, that is committed to the interest of all online casino players. One online casino can obtain an eCOGRA certificate for safe playing if it meets up to the standards of eCOGRA regarding safety, trustworthiness and transparency. The interests of the players are paramount in that matter.