Jack Hammer Slot Machine

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In comic books a number of characters were created that are in our hearts forever. From Donald Duck to Lucky Luck and from Superman to Archie, man of steel. In this line up we can place a detective that was active for more than 45 years and was everybody’s favorite from the east to the west coast of the United States. His name was Dick Tracey, protector of widows and orphans and always fighting evil and violent crooks. Net Entertainment brought him back to life in the Jack Hammer slot machine. Other name for the hero (has to do with copyrights or so) but same story and same characters.

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Jack Hammer slot machine has a great lay-out with two extra rows, which makes five rows instead of the normal three. So we have five reels and five rows, which makes a perfect square. There are 25 bet lines and all symbols are related to the story and we always like that. Great graphics in Jack Hammer slot machine, mostly attributes that reminds us of old times, like the old telephone, a zeppelin, a fast car (mmm…) and of course the newspaper, the only written source for worldwide information in those days. There was no internet and messages went by mail or through fast mediums like the telephone or the telegraph. What do you know for a story built up around a hero? A good looking lady of course. In the Dick Tracey comics there was a nice blond lady, called Tess Trueheart and with special permission by author Chester Gold the two got married in 1949. A hero, a villain, no story can be written without this contradiction. The bad guy in Jack Hammer slot machine is named Dr. Evil Wüten, a nasty character who has a crush for the lady, but we don’t want him to have her, do we? For this adventure software developer Net Entertainment gave us ten different bet levels and some coins with a value of one single cent to a whole dollar. Now we can place our bets –that is if we are playing for real money of course- and look at the features of Jack Hammer slot machine.

We have to tell you that a real bonus game is missing, but there are three features in this game and they can bring you a lot of luck, coins that is. The Wild is replacing all other symbols, but not the free spins symbols. It is a bit old fashioned Wild with no intention to act otherwise than basic, so no extension over the whole reel or something like that. There is more fun with the scatter symbol that brings us some free spins in Jack Hammer slot machine. This symbol is a bit explosive so be careful but free spins you will have. You need five scatters on your screen instead of three and that’s because you have two extra rows in the game. The reward is 10 free spins but that can be more with more scatters with a maximum of thirty (!) free spins when you gather eight scatter symbols in one screen shot.

The creators of Jack Hammer slot machine were in a generous mood when they were busy with this pokie, for all winnings during the free spins mode are tripled. Multiplied by three that is. That brings us to the feature that is responsible for the absence of a real bonus game: the Sticky Win. This is really a piece of work and the pretty thing is that it is present all over Jack Hammer slot machine. When you have a winning combination it will start and give a big chance on extra winnings. The winning symbols are put on hold and all other symbols are spinning again. And as long as the winning combination improves or other winning combinations pop up, these festivities will be repeated. The Sticky Win can be very profitable, so in fact this is a kind of bonus game you can only dream of.

Playing Jack Hammer

The game is in the list of free online slot machines, which means that you can play it without putting money in the virtual slot. That’s good news, for now you can try it out to see whether there is a new Dick Tracy hidden in you. You don’t have to change your partner, since it is so easy to have another hair color. What you can also change in Jack Hammer slot machine is the use of sounds and the volume of it. Net Entertainment likes to make things easy for a player, so if you want to read the newspaper or found an old comic book you can use the Autoplay and have Jack Hammer slot machine played for you till the moment that you want to hop on again.

And what happened to Dick Tracy. Well, being published for the first time in 1931 it was maintained till 1977. Chester Gould, who created the strip was responsible for all publications and in the meantime he saw his character came to life in a movies, of which the most famous one was from 1990 with Madonna and Al Pacino starring. Chester Gould could not be present at the premiere of this movie, he died in 1985. Dick Tracy is still in the hearts of many people in the States and his alter ego Jack Hammer has already got a comparable fame. By the time you will read this there is already a Jack Hammer slot machine II and maybe there will be more to follow. But never as many as the comics of course. It will not be placed in our hall of fame, the best online video slots, but it is really a nice game with great graphics, not a Monday morning product, so to speak. And for the heavy punters among us it is attractive that you can place high bets in the game, but not everybody has the means for that. No problem, you can play Jack Hammer slot machine already from $0.00!