Devils Delight Slot Machine

Devils Delight Slot Machine Screenshot

Hell is where the others are, Dante wrote, but in Devils Delight slot machine you are in hell. And who is ruling there? Exactly. It’s the devil and no one else. And you are making a common cause with him, otherwise you won’t get far in the game. When you shut down your computer afterwards, live is taking its own way and you can stay far away from evil things and be a good guy or a good lady. But in Devils Delight slot machine you are not and we will are going to tell you why that is.

Play Devils Delight Now for Free

Devils Delight slot machine is created by the software developers of NetEntertainment and they did a wonderful job. The lay-out is fantastic with most symbols that are related to the subject, and a few playing card symbols to complete the set. The five reels and three rows are just common of course and the 20 bet lines are quite normal too. Furthermore you have ten possible bet levels and the coins can be worth one to fifty cents. Knowing that you can place the bets and play one of the nicest NetEnt online slot machines there is at the moment.

Looking at the value of the different symbols we can appreciate that the A, K and Q card symbols are rated the lowest. The lady of the devil (as we suppose her to be) is worth the most when she appears consecutive from the leftmost to the right with at least three symbols. This lady has great looks and she is probably as tempting as Eva was in Paradise when she pursued Adam to eat some healthy fruit. Let’s not forget that the devil played an important part in that story too! The story of Devils Delight slot machine is all about features and there are a few lovely ones. The Wild is the boss himself, who looks to be dressed up for the Oscars, with a good cigar in his mouth and always willing to help you to more profit in Devils Delight slot machine. When he appears on one of the three centered reels he will expand immediately when there is a chance on more winnings and that is very generous.

In his normal extension he replaces all other symbols, but not the symbols of the free spins scatter and the bonus symbol. Free spins are triggered by the free spins symbol, a five pointed star in a circle, typical devil’s work. This symbol is a scatter so you need three of them at least, but it doesn’t matter where they show up on your screen. It’s party time when you have three free spins symbols at the same time. By clicking on one of them the number of free spins is revealed, which goes from 7 to 17 and on top of that you will see a multiplier active from 1 to 5. During the free spins round you can earn more free spins and the multiplier will also go up then, so you can make a few coins extra in Devils Delight slot machine.

What makes this slot one of our favorite online slot machines is the bonus game. The character that brings you this bonus game is the man with the scythe and he is very welcome. It is more or less a scatter, but appears only on reel 2, reel 3 and reel 4. Once in the bonus game you see a nice peaceful scene in the street with a few people spinning around, a car and a dog. Nothing special but these appearances are very deceptive. Ever heard of the seven deadly sins? Well, they exist and they all fit in this one scene! The only thing you have to do is to bring the characters and the sins together. Each character suits only one sin, but when your guess is right the soul of this character is yours and you bring it to the devil, where it is stored in the Soul-O-Meter, a nice fin in Devils Delight slot machine.

Bonus Game

The bonus game will probably repeat a few times and when you have collected fifteen souls you may enter the extra game Sin Spins. This is in fact another free spins round with ten free spins to spend. It is possible to leave the game when you have some urgent matters to attend to. The souls that you collected so far, will be kept in place for 48 hours, but that is only counting when you are playing for real money. When it is only for a short time you have to leave you can use the Autoplay. In Devils Delight slot machine you can tune the number of spins in four different ways, up to a hundred times. The Autoplay will stop automatically when your attention is needed and when making some extra noise you will have an excuse to interrupt the phone call with your mother in law. Other options in Devils Delight slot machine are that you can adjust the sounds that are used in the game and the volume of it. You can always keep up with your game history, but that one is also only available in the ‘I play for real money mode’.

The theoretical return to player is 97.6% which is rather high. But it is not a minimum that you will get back, so don’t rely on that. You can trust the software, for it is equipped with a random number generator. Every spin is coincidence and you can win the highest score in spin number one or never. The last option is more likely, but you know how it is in slots land. Of course Devils Delight slot machine is also listed in the free online slot machines. Playing without paying, it can be very nice and it’s a good opportunity to experience how the game works and whether you like it or not. But if you don’t like Devils Delight slot machine you will probably like no other slot as well.