Communication is at the base of all human transactions and in gaming it is not different. When you buy a product or a service it is important that you are able to be informed about the product before you buy it and afterwards that you know whom to contact in case you have a deficiency, damage or just a question where to put the plug. More and more products are based on chips and software technology with much more possibilities than in the past, think of mobile phones, but also with much more to know and to learn. A proper communication system should be in place for every company that is delivering products or services outside the own office.

When you are a regular customer of one of our online casinos you are able to contact two different parties. The most important one is the online casino itself. It is not to send you away on the forehand but it is just because they are offering the games, they are in charge for your players account and all financial transactions are going directly between the online casino and you, keeping also a record of your personal data. That’s why they are your first and most important contact. So, where do we come in for a direct contact between you and us. Well in the first place when it is about our site. When you have noticed that something is not memorized in the right way, that information is not correct or a bit outdated, we would love you to contact us to report. You want to visit an attractive website but also an accurate website and so do we!

It is possible that you have questions regarding gaming as such. For example, what ways there are to transfer money or to withdraw money. What happens when you win a great sum of money and the online casino is offering you extra play money to leave it in your account. Should you do that or better take the money out of your account? We can and will not decide for you, but we are happy to give you some advice. We have a close relationship with the online casinos that are promoted on this site, but we are also independent from them. It is our decision whether we offer the services of those online casinos or not. We maintain a high standard for transparency, for safety and for a perfect customer service, so that you are never left behind with your questions, specifically not when it comes to your good money. In case you are not satisfied about the customer service of our online casinos, we would like you to contact us about it, so that we can help them to improve it. And in case you have a specific complaint which is not being solved by the operator, you can contact us and ask us to interfere, which we will do. We can never guarantee that our efforts will lead to a solution of the problem, but we will at least try and that’s why we have this CONTACT page.