Blood Suckers Slot Machine

Blood Suckers Slot Machine Screenshot

It is said that blood suckers are in some countries still used for medical purposes. We know them of course from all kind of movies where explorers are crossing swamps and always have some of these animals on their body, which have to be removed carefully. These animals may have been very useful for quacks and physicians but they are not our subject. In Blood Suckers Slot Machine we only see human beings, in day to day live quit normal, but with only a tiny little difference: they are vampires.

Blood Suckers Slot Machine, be aware of vampires

Before playing Blood Suckers Slot Machine you can ask your friends and neighbors and they will tell you that they never met a vampire in their life and that as far as they know they don’t exist within their family. But they know immediately what you mean because everybody knows them from books, comics and especially movies, always broadcasted in the late night so that you can shiver in the dark with the wind around your house. The favorites are called Dracula and Frankenstein, but there are a number of other movies and TV series, where bloodsuckers play an important part as they also do in Blood Suckers Slot Machine. Even Michael Jackson used the theme in one of his video clips. Funny people. Instead of drinking water and wine like anybody else they need blood to survive. No problem when that would be blood of a cow or a sheep, because then they could order a few bottle from the local butcher, but no, it has to be human blood, preferably from young virgins or so. NetEntertainment is a famous software developer for games and Blood Suckers Slot Machine is one of kind. It has everything that makes a pokie worth playing.

Looking at the lay-out of Blood Suckers online slot machine we immediately see that all attention has been given to make great symbols. No card symbols this time, but only graphics that are related to the story. Five reels and three rows form the framework for this game as usual. There are twenty-five bet lines, slightly above average, with four different bet levels and a possible value of the coins that can vary from one cent to fifty cents. That’s what you need to know to place your bets in Blood Suckers Slot Machine, because you can’t play if you don’t. There is a button with MAX BET and that one is easy when you just want to play at the max without further delay.

The symbols are great and remind us immediately to those strange things we saw in the old movies. There is a Bible with a cross, a tubercle garlic, holy water of course, things that blood suckers don’t like. And Blood Suckers Slot Machine is crowded with people that you don’t want to meet in the dark, especially not at midnight. On the other hand, they are easy to recognize in the game and they are safely locked up behind your screen. The Wild has a tempting look and replace other symbols, less pretty, to increase your chances to find a winning combination. In Blood Suckers Slot Machine that has always consecutive to be pictured from the leftmost to the right. She has not a clue about expending on a whole reel or something like that but maybe the software developers of NetEnt thought it to be too much for your heartbeat, especially when you are mail.

The symbol that represents the free spins is not desirable at all, she is a real vampire as in your worst nightmares after a copious diner with too much wine. But don’t worry, she is harmless in Blood Suckers Slot Machine, even more she is handing out ten free spins when she appears on the screen in threefold. And because it is a scatter symbol it does not matter where she pops up. Three scatter symbols and your free spins will be delivered immediately. During the free spins mode all winnings are tripled, that’s why we like this lady despite her scary presence.

Spoken about scary we like to take you in the dark cellars of Blood Suckers Slot Machine where we can enter when we are allowed to play the bonus game. That happens when you have a winning combination on a bet line with three bonus symbols. The bonus symbol is easy to recognize and not suitable to have in your kitchen or so. The cellar where we end up is in fact a crypt, where a number of coffins are exposed and in every coffin you will find a vampire.

The ugly thing in Blood Suckers Slot Machine is that they will come to life when the coffin is opened and since they are awfully thirsty when awaking they want to drink the blood of the nearest person available and that is you. To prevent yourself from being draught up you have to stick them right in the hart, not a daily job for most of us but inevitable when you want to be a bit longer in the game Blood Suckers Slot Machine. But during the bloodshed you can gather a lot of coins and that is the good part of this all. It ends when you open the coffin that does not contain a vampire but a swarm of bats.

Your profits from the bonus game will be shown and you will see it back on your numerator. That’s it and you will agree with us that Blood Suckers Slot Machine has everything you expect from a top slot. It’s also on the list of free online slot machines, so you can try it out to test if your nerves are strong enough to bring this came to an end. In case you have to step aside to control your breath again you can always use the Autoplay that will not let you miss any important event like entering the free spins mode or the crypt for the bonus game. Now you know everything to survive Blood Suckers Slot Machine and have fun with it.