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The Liberty Bell is the name of the first slot machine that was built by a mister Charles Fey, in San Francisco, 1887. There was no internet in those days, there were no computers and the word online could at the best be used by rope-walkers. So, when we talk about online slot machines it is a late development, but one that grew fast representing a billion dollar industry at the time we speak. We can play hundreds of online slot machines within the domains of thousands of online casinos.

In Australia and New Zealand the common name for slot machines is ‘pokies’ and this name is deduced from the first machines where poker was the leading game. Other machines, the Liberty Bell too, were based on fruits and are called fruit machines till the present day. In a lot of Hollywood movies and TV series numerous people win jackpots but in reality… numerous people win jackpots. It is possible to program the software of the machines to return a vast percentage of the bets to the players and to hand out a jackpot from time to time. This is done by a random number generator (RNG) that takes care of this but also by mixing up numbers and chances in such a way that for the player it is all a matter of fate and nothing but fate. Never forget that, there is no system available or possible to have any influence on your luck when you play online slot machines or the materialized creations of them in the mortar and bricks casino’s. There is one difference however and that is that the average return to players is higher for online slot machines than for the physical machines.

Of course there are much more differences between the slots and the online slot machines. You can play a pokie when you are at the right place for it. All you need is some money to put in the machine and an ID to proof that you are not a minor. For playing free online slot machines you have to make an account and transfer money in that account. Furthermore you here also have to proof that you are entitled to play casino games or slots. But here you only have to do that one time and then you can play every day if you like. Another difference is that the real machines are able to pay out, which is online not possible. An eventual profit at the end of a game is adjusted to the balance of your account. Of course you can ask for it, but that’s another procedure. Contact your online casino if you want to get money out of your players account. It is always better than the old fashioned system at the pub’s counter, where you could have a drink or a fine cigar when you had some winning combinations or a high score.

It goes without saying that the modern online slot machines would not have been there without the invention of the computer and later the development of the world wide web. Internet made it possible to exchange lots of information and to calculate in a split second what otherwise would have taken days. The first computers had very little games, like Packman, and were not ready for big videogames, not to mention online slot machines. But with the expanding of memory on chips and the faster processors computers became personal and almost everybody could effort one or make use of them in internet cafes. Software developers were not only involved in office programs but also in gaming. We have seen a split in this field, whereas some developers turned to the videogames, also to be played on game computers like Ninento, Playstation, Sega and X-Box, and another tribe turned to the casino games, including poker and slots. Within this profession we also recognize the people who developed special software for online bookmakers. It were not only the games that kept these people busy, but also the environment in which the games could be played. We already mentioned the importance of a proper personal data exchange between player and online casino, but of equal importance is the creation of a save environment for transactions. The Random Number Generator stands for fair gaming and that is also one of the main duties of developers. But the best thing that happened is creating so many fantastic online slot machines. And almost all the games just like Ghost Pirates remind in their lay-out to the traditional machines, so that still have the idea that you are in a real casino, pub or club to put some money in the slot, that little opening in the machine where it got his name from.

Another fantastic thing in the development of online slot machines is that the same games are available anywhere in the world. It depends on the online casino provider which games they want to offer, but there is no limit in what they can achieve. The only thing is that some online casinos have contracts with only one or two suppliers and there are many companies developing online slot machines. New games are published almost on a weekly base and there are great games among them based on famous comics, movies or other stories. Did it effect the visits to the regular casino’s? Many people claim that, but the reality is that in most countries more and more brick and mortar is spent in the building of casino’s. When in Las Vegas or Atlantic City casino-owners complain about negative effects on casino visits, it is not because of the online slot machines and other casino games that are offered via internet, but is because ion a number of other states casinos are built as well. This is where we stand today and from here we will watch new developments and new games. Online slot machines are there and we wish you a lot of fun in playing them!